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Doghouse UK  wishes a warm welcome 

to friends old and new.

Doghouse UK has been off line for a while but is now happily back as a part of Strange Studios

The format is still the same, but the decor a is little different and sadly the forums have been discontinued due to inappropriate posts from spammers who spoilt everything and achieved nothing. 

About Doghouse UK

This website is based in the UK, but dogs are dogs the world over and their habits and care cannot differ very much. Please browse the links on the left of the page to find info.on various aspects of pet dog ownership as based on my own experiences - a lifetime of living with dogs and studying their behaviour. 

I am not concerned here with showing, working or sporting dogs as I do not have any knowledge of these activities and there are specialist sites dealing with them.
If you are thinking of buying a dog for the first time, begin with Dog Ownership and follow the link at the bottom of each page. This will take you through the process of deciding if a dog is the right pet for you, where to buy him, how to choose him, care for him, train him and deal with health issues and some common problems.

I do not have all the answers to the many questions concerning dog ownership, but I hope to be able to help a few prospective new "parents," or solve a few problems for those having difficulties with their pet.

It is wise when wondering why your dog behaves in a manner that you do not understand, to remember that all dogs, from the tiniest toy breed to the giants, are all descended from the wolf. Many behaviour problems especially in untrained dogs stem from the fact that the animal is merely acting on an instinct bred into him thousands of years ago. I have always imagined my own dogs in a woodland, plains or Arctic Tundra setting if I have had to work out a problem. i.e. The dog digs a hole in the lawn to lie in if the weather is warm as the soil is cool, or he buries bones in order to retrieve them when game is scarce and there is no food. Many dog behaviour patterns and "problems" can be worked out quite logically and solved in this way.

Of course our dogs have been domesticated since man first learnt the value of the wolf as an ally rather than as an enemy. Imagine him sitting at his camp fire and throwing scraps to the wolves which subsequently became tame. He would have realised that wolves could aid in hunting, benefitting both man and wolf, in guarding, herding, fighting and much more. Selective breeding eventually formed the hundreds of different breeds of dog we know today, all with different appearances and different skills. 

Throughout this website I will be referring to the dog as "he" or "him". That is no discrimination against the female of the species, just easier for me ;o)

Thank you for spending time here, I hope you enjoy your visit.

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