An Introduction to life with a Siberian Husky

Only Fools? and Huskies. Well yes, because some might say that you have to be a fool to share your home with a husky - but fools fall in love, and what better creature to fall  in love with than a Husky? Besides, I could write a 26 episode sitcom of my life with Huskies, and I'm sure it would make hysterical viewing.
There are many thousands of words written about Siberian Huskies in books and on the Internet; most of which are very informative and should be thoroughly read before you decide to share your life (or have your life taken over) with a Siberian Husky. Only Fools and Huskies is  based not only on generalisations, but on my experiences with my own dogs. All dogs, whatever the breed, are individuals and should be treated as such, but generalisations are a good place to begin when deciding whether to buy a Siberian Husky or not, as these really are not ordinary dogs. Are they dogs at all? Their feet have built in springs enabling them to jump from a standing position onto a kitchen work surface and out through an open window should they so desire. I've heard it said they are really cats in dogs' clothing.

I wouldn't say they are an untrainable breed as they are indeed very quick to learn, but they tend to do as they please. The fact is, they are too intelligent to be obedient as they question why the command has been given, and decide if it will benefit them to comply before they to do your bidding.

Don't let it be said that you own a Siberian Husky - it is more of a partnership than a dog/master relationship, a partnership that the human who is used to a Labrador or German Shepherd as his dog will have to learn to adjust to just as much as the Sibe has to adjust to an environment completely alien to the breed.

So why do we keep Siberian Huskies as pets? They are beautiful. They are affectionate, loving; thoughtful even. They are super intelligent. They are clowns, constantly making us laugh with their antics. Their faces grin back at us. Is it their adorable almond shaped eyes, often a beautiful blue shade? Or their fur, as soft as a rabbit's fur? Do they really try to mimic our speech, or do they have the power of language? They are amazing in a way that only a person who knows a Siberian Husky well would appreciate, and a none Husky person may well think of you as a complete nutcase if you told him of the things your Husky is able to communicate.
I think that perhaps they are such natural, unspoilt animals that they give us that sense of freedom which many of us crave. Or is it a feeling of belonging? Belonging to the earth, to the wilderness, to the pack. A Siberian Husky in your home is like a free spirit, and  gives you the impression that he is only with you because he
wants to be with you, not because you are his owner.

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